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Products Detail
Toshiba PA3928
Battery for Toshiba
Model: NBB-TO-3928 Weight: 0.6kg
Price : $45  Price
Compatible mainbody Numbers:

Fit Machine Model:

QOSMIO X770 3D SERIES, Qosmio X770 series, QOSMIO X770-01H, QOSMIO X770-01J, QOSMIO X770-023, QOSMIO X770-02P, QOSMIO X770-1001X, QOSMIO X770-1002X, QOSMIO X770-1003XT, QOSMIO X770-1004X, QOSMIO X770-1005X, QOSMIO X770-1006XT, QOSMIO X770-107, QOSMIO X770-10G, QOSMIO X770-10J, QOSMIO X770-10M, QOSMIO X770-10N, QOSMIO X770-10X, QOSMIO X770-118, QOSMIO X770-11C, QOSMIO X770-11Q, QOSMIO X770-11T, QOSMIO X770-123, QOSMIO X770-127, QOSMIO X770-128, QOSMIO X770-BT5G24, QOSMIO X770-ST4N04, QOSMIO X775 3D SERIES, Qosmio X775 series, QOSMIO X775-3DV78, QOSMIO X775-3DV80, QOSMIO X775-9163, QOSMIO X775-Q7270, QOSMIO X775-Q7272, QOSMIO X775-Q7273, QOSMIO X775-Q7275, QOSMIO X775-Q7380, QOSMIO X775-Q7384.

PA3928U-1BRS PABAS248 Battery For Toshiba QOSMIO X770 3D Series Laptop 8 Cells

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